Purchasing Colored Contacts Without a Prescription

Many people are looking to change their appearance. Non prescription colored contacts are a great way to accentuate the eyes, and give a person the new look they are desiring. However, purchasing colored contacts without a prescription can be risky business if you are not aware of which kind of colored contacts your eyes will tolerate.

Colored contacts are small, saucer-like plastic pieces that attach to the cornea. They are classified by the material used to make them. Polymer plastic is used to make harder lenses. The advantage of this kind of colored contact is that dirt does not stick to them, but they must be taken out at night to ensure the cornea can breathe. Hydrogel is used for soft lenses. These types of colored contacts are more breathable and gentle on the eyes, but runs the risk of infection occurring since particles can stick to them.

Before buying colored contacts without a prescription, see an optometrist. Even if you think you have perfect eye sight, an optometrist can help you figure out which kind of colored contacts will work best with your uniquely individual eyes. Non prescription colored contacts are considered medical devices, and may be harmful to your eyes if they are misused, even if they are not labeled as corrective lenses.

Everyone’s eyes are different. Perhaps a brand of colored contacts will work for one individual, but the same kind may cause another person’s eyes a lot of pain. The wrong brand of colored contacts can bring about itchiness, sensitivity to light, burning, dryness, and blurred sight. It is always best to let an expert determine the correct brand of colored contacts.

Wearing colored contacts can be dramatic and attention catching. Take precautions to ensure the safety of your eyes and seek professional advice before purchasing colored contacts. Your eyes will thank you.

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