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Opinions on fashion

There used to be a time when people thought that the finest fashion trends are only acquirable by the rich. Even more atrocious is the fact that there was a time when fashion was perceived as a subject only discussed by women. In the past decades, designers and retailers responded to the high demand for quality clothes, shoes and accessories without having to break the bank. Equally impressive is the emergence of men’s magazines, blogs and whatnot that prove that men can step out in style without having to be branded as an uptight, high-maintenance kind of guys. More importantly, these stylish men are now comfortable to talk about fashion without the risk of having anyone question their sexuality.

The truth is, everyone has their own sense of style. Whether it is street or high fashion, more and more people are gaining confidence in putting on the latest trends while adding a personal character in their getups. Perhaps, this confidence can be attributed to the twenty-first century’s social media culture, with blogs as its strongest tool. Blogging has allowed people to explore their own thought and become more comfortable in expressing their opinions in their personal space in the webosphere. There are blogs out there dedicated to virtually any area of interest. Some are penned by experts in their fields, others by regular Joe’s and Jane’s sharing their two cents on specific subjects. Fashion, no less, is one of them.

Blogging as a medium to express fashion style

Today, there are many more than just a handful of fashion blogs crowding the cyberspace. In general, these blogs showcase the latest trends in the fashion world and the blogger’s ability to incorporate these trends in his or her personal wardrobe. Whatever the objective of the fashion blog is, the blogger, without a doubt, illustrates his or her creativity in every piece of item focused in each blog entry. Most, if not all, fashion blog owners write, not merely for self-expression and sharing their knowledge on the subject, but also to profit from their blogs. In order to do so, fashion bloggers must have a clear strategy prior to launching their blogs.

Fashion blog strategy

Know Your Target Audience

Fashion has a wide demographic, which can pose as a problem when blogging about it. It is important that a fashion blog has a specific niche to focus on and that all depends on the blogger’s target audience. If the blogger aims to reach single, 20-something members of the working population, affordable fashion may be a good niche.

Establish Your Position

Bestselling author, Paulo Coelho, once tweeted, “Be the best and prepare to be attacked. Only mediocrity is safe.” The same can also be said in blogging. A good blogger should be able to establish his or her position on a certain subject, even in fashion.

Plan to Monetize

Serious bloggers spend a lot of time and resources in each of their blog posts. It is only natural that they want to profit from it. Many fashion bloggers have been exploited by numerous brands to feature their products, among other things, without pay. The days of free services rendered by fashion bloggers are about to come to an end as a list of fashion PR agencies in London, New York, Paris and other fashion cosmopolitan in the world, are now representing them.

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