Hot Water Heater Leaking from Top

If you happen to have your hot water heater leaking from top then you’re probably concerned about what it could be and how you could fix it. This is a rather common issue in both new and old water heaters. This is the result of a problem that can come from a variety of possible issues.

The first issue could come from the connections that are placed on the top of the water heater. On a regular heater, there are three different connections on the top. The blue one is where the water (still cold) enters into the water heater. That water is then heater and leaves on the red connection as hot water. The other valve that’s also present in there is the one that controls the pressure and it’s connected to a hose. The first step into finding out what the problem could be is to check all these and find out the one that’s leaking.

Hot Water Heater Leaking From Top – The Cold/Hot Water Connection

If the problem that you have with the water heater leaking on the cold water inlet or hot water outlet then the problem could be actually pretty simple to solve.

First of all, you should start checking for any loose fitting or for rust in the connection. For the loose fitting, the problem is almost always related to a poor installation process. Using a wrench, you can easily fix it and tighten it. It’s a very simple procedure that you can do by yourself. If the problem is rust, it’s going to be harder to fix (and more costly).

For the rust problem, you’ll need to call in a plumber to fix it. Usually these water heaters have very long warranty periods, so if this happens before it expires, you should just call the company you bought the heater from and they’ll send in a plumber to fix it free of charge. If, however, the warranty period has passed already, then it’ll be rather costly as these types of plumbing jobs require specific tools and experience.

Hot Water Heater Leaking From Top – Problem With the Pressure Relief Valve

When a problem occurs in the pressure release valve then the problem is probably already increasing the costs of water and electricity in your home.

Another big problem is that when you have this problem, it’s likely that other problems occur in the future because of others parts that start to corrode.

This is a problem that can be solved by getting a plumber to get that valve fixed. It’s important to be as fast as possible as it’s a problem that can get worse really fast.

Whatever the problem is, while you don’t get it fixed, you should try and reduce the amount of time you’re using the heater. Try to switch it off while you’re not using it to avoid getting a bigger problem. Besides bathing, you could try to leave it turned off for the rest of day if possible.

Solving these problems related to the hot water heater leaking from top is usually easy, but need to be fixed as fast as possible to avoid bigger problems.

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