Heliculture Guide For Learners

Snail Farming

Snails love lettuce and most vegetables we eat; they are also able to chow down on carrots, mangoes and apples. Snails prefer eating surviving plants, and also you could also find them eating specified mushrooms and dropped leaves.

The snail despite its own obvious sluggishness is an extremely voracious feeder, depending on the selection of delicacies within its own instantaneous environment. Snails feed on fruits, veggies like cabbage, celery, microscopic algae and moist leaves like banana or plantain leaves or lettuce.

Each government contains many rules and rules guiding auto creation and sales, that could include permits and limits, industry preparation, country regulations, manuals to little farming, slug control, and sales. Regulations cover imports, rearing and decent facilities, others involve environmental troubles and species restrain.

Introduce earthworms that will support loosen the soil, and give your snails more fresh vegetables and fruits. Remember calcium is essential and suitable egg supply mandatory. Provide neighborhood and global buyers like supermarkets, restaurants, meat shops and the available industry.

Snail meat is seen yummy, boiled and salted, fried in oil and functioned as snacks, or cooked and spiced.

Not many snails are consumed by humans; a few may be downright harmful. Many have other uses: many create substances employed by manufacturers. Luckily most sizable land snails are edible and so are an extremely sought-after delicacy that attracts a top price in the market. Certain forms of snails are favored because of business farming because of their size and the number of meat they develop.

Starting an Escargot Business

Snail farming can create you a lot of money because the animals grow rapidly under favorable ailments. They attract high rates but need time and persistence. Before entering into the business try to go to a snail farm and browse many tutorial substances to find yourself a wider notion.

Government Regulations

The escargot firm is lucrative and attracts a superior cost for snails that are hand-reared in snail farms.

Snails are nocturnal and can be found at various habitats from woodlands to open areas, flower beds and gardens to damp sand dunes and under vegetation.
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Other crucial foods sources on your land snail can consist of algae, decaying leaves, flowers, and the bark of trees. Snails additionally knowingly look for calcium as it’s a significant ingredient that helps construct their shells. Snails aren’t strictly herbivores but more like omnivores because they have been opportunistic feeders.

Escargot businessmen have to be acquainted with all the rules and regulations of the country they work. You can pay attention to the very best species of snails inside your area. Then construct your pen in a moist, humid area with good soil and stock with supreme quality snails.


Snails are living matters and are prone to sickness and disease, so start off small and learn the trade whilst going about your normal job or other things.

Snails also drink drinking water thus farmers ought to give a source of drinking water that’s easily reachable.

Some permits cover hauling the snails, sort of species allowed into the country, import and export licensing and making and trapping procedure. Before entering into snail farming find out all of the laws and laws directing the country you live.

Snails can be inserted to the stew, boiled with vinegar, fried, grilled, stewed or cooked in spicy sauces. They really are a tasty supply of nourishment with fewer overall health hazards than red meat. Snails should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned to prevent infection, particularly if harvested from the wild.

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