We live in a very fast paced world where often the only thing that doesn’t move fast is us. Exercise is shuffled down our list of priorities until it is only thought of as something someone else does. http://www.sportzfuel.com/ is we can greatly improve our health and fitness by taking little “exercise steps “ that all add up to create better habits. We can start with very simple steps – literally steps- like walking or riding a bike for those short journeys to the store, to get the newspaper, or to say hi to friends. You don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy he benefits of exercise.

Exercise helps your body to function properly, it helps to build necessary muscle mass, build stronger bone density and maintains better organ function. Aerobic exercise supplies the body with fresh oxygenated blood which is essential for a healthy heart and lungs. This all makes for a healthier you.

Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise because it is low impacting on the body, making it possible for people suffering from joint pain, ligament injury or muscle damage, to exercise.  Swimming allows you to exercise all of the major muscle groups in one exercise session.

Bike riding is another great form of exercise, whether it is riding through the country side on a sunny afternoon or on an exercise bike in the comfort of your home gym, bike riding is fun. It improves your cardiovascular capabilities while burning calories and toning your legs, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want fit, toned legs?

Walking and jogging can also be enjoyed in the great outdoors or at home using a treadmill, so there really is no excuse to exercise. The great thing is you can control your exercise by alternating between jogging and walking so you can build up to running in your own time.

There are many great sporting clubs that you can join to be a part of their exercise groups ranging from yoga to karate, and football to kayaking. So why not track them down and have fun exercising and getting healthy.

Exercise is also a wonderful stress relief. Start today and leave the worries of your working day behind. Remember use it or lose it! Enjoy your exercise

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