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In Focus: Fashion Bloggers

Opinions on fashion

There used to be a time when people thought that the finest fashion trends are only acquirable by the rich. Even more atrocious is the fact that there was a time when fashion was perceived as a subject only discussed by women. In the past decades, designers and retailers responded to the high demand for quality clothes, shoes and accessories without having to break the bank. Equally impressive is the emergence of men’s magazines, blogs and whatnot that prove that men can step out in style without having to be branded as an uptight, high-maintenance kind of guys. More importantly, these stylish men are now comfortable to talk about fashion without the risk of having anyone question their sexuality.

The truth is, everyone has their own sense of style. Whether it is street or high fashion, more and more people are gaining confidence in putting on the latest trends while adding a personal character in their getups. Perhaps, this confidence can be attributed to the twenty-first century’s social media culture, with blogs as its strongest tool. Blogging has allowed people to explore their own thought and become more comfortable in expressing their opinions in their personal space in the webosphere. There are blogs out there dedicated to virtually any area of interest. Some are penned by experts in their fields, others by regular Joe’s and Jane’s sharing their two cents on specific subjects. Fashion, no less, is one of them.

Blogging as a medium to express fashion style

Today, there are many more than just a handful of fashion blogs crowding the cyberspace. In general, these blogs showcase the latest trends in the fashion world and the blogger’s ability to incorporate these trends in his or her personal wardrobe. Whatever the objective of the fashion blog is, the blogger, without a doubt, illustrates his or her creativity in every piece of item focused in each blog entry. Most, if not all, fashion blog owners write, not merely for self-expression and sharing their knowledge on the subject, but also to profit from their blogs. In order to do so, fashion bloggers must have a clear strategy prior to launching their blogs.

Fashion blog strategy

Know Your Target Audience

Fashion has a wide demographic, which can pose as a problem when blogging about it. It is important that a fashion blog has a specific niche to focus on and that all depends on the blogger’s target audience. If the blogger aims to reach single, 20-something members of the working population, affordable fashion may be a good niche.

Establish Your Position

Bestselling author, Paulo Coelho, once tweeted, “Be the best and prepare to be attacked. Only mediocrity is safe.” The same can also be said in blogging. A good blogger should be able to establish his or her position on a certain subject, even in fashion.

Plan to Monetize

Serious bloggers spend a lot of time and resources in each of their blog posts. It is only natural that they want to profit from it. Many fashion bloggers have been exploited by numerous brands to feature their products, among other things, without pay. The days of free services rendered by fashion bloggers are about to come to an end as a list of fashion PR agencies in London, New York, Paris and other fashion cosmopolitan in the world, are now representing them.

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How Do You Avoid Messing Up That Fancy Dress Conundrum?

It may be a themed party for a special occasion, it may be a pub crawl in your town centre or it may even be what should have been a normal civilised dinner party that has been corrupted by an over enthusiastic host, but whatever it is these days, people seem incapable of organising a get together without making it a dressing up fiasco.

Don’t get me wrong, I like dressing up every now and again; it can turn a good night into a great night out, but when it comes up every single time there’s a gathering of people it dilutes the fun and just makes you want to avoid going altogether.

Having said this, there is normally no escape, so what can you do to ensure that you meet the expectations without spending the price of a fancy meal on an outfit, or spend 6 hours sewing sequins onto a bed sheet? (Yes I did exactly that for a ‘Disco Ghost’ outfit.)

Here are some pointers…

Go All Out

The safe option is of course to go all out. Every time there is a vague hint of a dress up theme, get your thinking cap and your sewing face on and get to work on a mind-blowingly original costume that will be funny, sexy and have toilet access all at once. You will be the centre of attention and you will probably have a great time. This option however, doesn’t really help you escape the hassle.

Go Be Clever

If you want a no hassle tactic then you need a clever outfit that takes practically zero effort. Plus you want one that you can use again so you don’t end up with a 6 foot octopus costume clogging up your bedroom.

The answer of course is a funny t-shirt. You can buy them online, or get them made quite cheaply. You just need the image or text that you want, and you can even order them online. Then you can turn up at your ‘Hillbilly’ themed cocktail pool party in a classic ‘I’m with Stupid’ t-shirt and make the guy wearing a tractor look like a bit of a fool.

Go In A Group

A final top tip is to get together with a group and come up with an idea that you all like. Then when you all turn up as Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers, you will have a gang to keep you company and your impact will be all the more impressive. Strength in numbers basically.

Stick to one of these 3 options and you can’t go wrong when it comes to your 57th fancy dress party of the year.

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Gift Ideas

The most common question people get is regarding gift. What gift they can give to a women.  I did have the same question in my mind before few years but thanks to my girlfriend who told me about the secret key. The secret key can make wonders in your life. The secret key is nothing but the well known jewelry.

It’s true that every women like jewelry very much. She will not care about the prize unless the jewelry is beautiful and looks precious. Its very difficult to chose any jewelry item from thousands of varieties available online and locally. The key is go for looks and you will find your women satisfied.

The most liked gift ideas for occasion are rings and earrings. Both these come in range from few dollars to thousands of dollars. The key here is find quantity with looks. A good thing about girls is that they have lots of cloths. Another good thing is that it’s all matching business. Whatever you give they will find something matching for it in their closet. Hence I suggested that go for quantity and good looks and you are fine. So giving Amber ring once and then choosing emerald ring is like a smart option. Just don’t forget the looks.

This is a common psychology of women’s and it’s beneficial for us. You will find this working with most of the women’s you know. One thing I would suggest is that know the color choice of your girlfriend because it is possible that she might hate some color. It’s for your own good only. If you are going to choose the amber ring or earring I would suggest checks the prices of the fake amber stone. They look precious and cost very less compared to the other jewelry.

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Female Hair Loss Remedies

It’s not only men that suffer from hair loss, and it’s not only men that seek the professional advice of a hair clinic or attempt to track down the best hair loss products. Female hair loss is a serious problem for a great many women. If female hair loss is your concern, pull up a chair and take a minute or two to read through this short article. Spending a few minutes here might save you a great deal of time, money and frustration when you come to choose Female Hair Loss Remedies.

This article will looks at female hair loss products that are designed to stop hair loss and then encourage renewed hair growth. However, this article is not intended as, nor should it be used to replace, professional medical advice. If you are experiencing female hair loss, you should always consult a qualified medical practitioner to discover the underlying reason for your hair loss.

There are a great many claimed remedies for hair loss in women, but Minoxidil is still the only product that has been medically and scientifically proven via peer-reviewed research to stabilize, and in some cases reverse, female genetic hair loss. Minoxidil has also proved to be highly successful in treating other (non-genetic) forms of female hair loss and is widely prescribed by trichologists and doctors.

Minoxidil was first developed to treat high blood pressure, but a side-effect was quickly noticed – some patients experienced rapid hair growth (hypertrichosis). Researchers quickly established that the application of minoxidil directly to the scalp could prove to be extremely beneficial to men and women experiencing hair loss.

The exact reason why minoxidil encourages hair growth and hair loss stabilization is not entirely clear. Some believe minoxidil dilates blood vessels feeding the hair follicles, thus increasing the supply of nutrients and encouraging hair growth to increase. Others believe that Minoxidil produces a rise in DNA synthesis within the cells of our hair follicles. But, whatever the exact method, Minoxidil remains the only product licensed on both sides of the Atlantic for the effective treatment of female hair loss.

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Buying Office Stationary And The Supplies At Best Value

We use a lot of stationery items at our workplace, homes, schools, colleges etc. Some of the corpsman stationery items are shredders, pens, staples, laminator, pencils, scales, diary, notepads etc. When you are purchasing stationery for your office or homes, you could try some smart ways to ensure that you get the best deals, so that you can save quite considerably.

It is not so difficult either, because most of the top suppliers and wholesalers have made their presence available from their web sites. Now, you could shop from the comfort of your home. You could go through variety of options, their models, their colors, style etc.

The only drawback that you could see here is that, once you have placed your order, you must wait for more than 24 hours to get the delivery. Before making the purchase, you could check that the stationery suppliers Dubai have customer care support. The executives must answer your queries gracefully.

Here is the checklist before you select a reliable online company-

Make sure that there is always trustworthy customer care support whenever you call

Check out the maximum delivery time

See whether you could place customized order

See what the times to place online orders are. Many companies let their customers place order 24/7

Is their minimum requirement to place the order

Check out different payment options like debit, credit card or net banking

Thoroughly go through the quality of product

Know about the warranty and return policies of different companies

How you could proceed ahead

While you shop for the office supplies, you could make a list of all the items you need. You could circle those items that need to be replaced quite often. You could now note down usage of these items for a period of one month. This will help you to buy right quantity of items. Now, your next step is to compare the prices of different stationery suppliers and find the best one for you.

Check whether you get best value for money

You could consider the unit cost of the item when sold in bulk and compare it with the cost of the individual item. If you have not managed to save a lot by ordering in bulk, you must contact your supplier. In such case, you could ask for heavy discounts. You could check out the expiration dates of ink cartridges and whiteners before buying them. Expired ink will be of no use. Besides this, you do not have to order inks in bulk. You could purchase the items during August, September and October. These are back to school months and you could get great discounts.

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