Bed Components Might Be All That’s Required To Make An Old Bed Comfortable Again

Saying goodbye to a favorite bed can be a very difficult thing to do. After years of sleeping on a mattress or looking at a particular frame style, a good bed almost becomes part of the family. Saying goodbye might not be necessary, however. Sometimes changing out different bed components can give an older bed just the boost it needs to be useable for years to come.

The list of bed components is fairly simple and straightforward, but don’t underestimate the importance of any of them. They all come together to make a bed whole. When there’s a problem with one bed component, changing it out might fix the entire bed, saving a person from having to give up a bed they’ve grown to love. that can either make a bed feel new again or give it an entirely different look include:

Bed frames: This is the metal or wood contraption that helps hold a mattress and box spring in place. If the mattress and box spring seem to be in good shape, but the bed’s sagging or suddenly uncomfortable, check the bed frame. These sometimes give a bit over time. Changing the bed frame out can fix the problem entirely. These can sometimes be fixed, as well, by adjusting the metal arm bars or just replacing a wooden slat. Check for damage that can be repaired before deciding to replace bed frames.

Headboards and footboards: Unless these are part of the bed frame, these are generally cosmetic in nature. Changing them out won’t generally make a bed feel more comfortable, but the process can result in an entirely new look without having to give up bedding that’s loved.

Bed risers: These, too, won’t likely change the feel of a bed, but they can help create extra space underneath for storage. If having a room look as neat as pin is important, this storage space can be, too.

Mattresses, box springs: These bed components are vital to the overall feel. Sometimes it’s just time to replace one or both of these to ensure maximum comfort. Springs wear out and mattresses become worn, as well.

When an old bed is worth saving, looking at some of the bed components for possible replacement can do the trick. If a bed still looks great or the bedding itself is in good shape, there’s no reason to say goodbye to a comfortable, old bed.

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